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To be the industry leader in providing safe and efficient transportation services to our customers, communities and partners.


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Bridge Projects
Construction Timetable April – October

MP 34.2 (Abandoned Railroad)
MP 34.5 (Mainline – both EB & WB)
MP 35.2 (Overhead Bridge) -Wauseon- Ottokee Rd Detour
MP 47.4 (Overhead Bridge)
MP 47.5 (Overhead Bridge)

Scope of Work:
Bridge Removal (MP 34.2)
Bridge Deck Replacement and Widening (MP 34.5)
Bridge Deck Replacement (MP 35.2)
Bridge Deck Replacement and Widening (MP 47.4)
Bridge Deck Replacement and Widening (MP 47.5)

Maintaining the speed, comfort and safety of the Ohio Turnpike.

The Turnpike’s Capital Improvement Program is an ongoing effort that includes renovating the original toll plazas and interchanges, reconstructing the service plazas, renovating maintenance buildings, replacing the original concrete road base at selected locations and adding 160 miles of third-lane from Toledo to Youngstown.

Reduce Speed. Stay Safe.

The reduced speed limit in construction zones is in effect, even when workers are not present.Due to changes in the normal roadway, the reduced speed is enforced for your safety and for the safety of our workers.